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  • Raychelle Steimer (Sunday, December 31 17 09:43 pm EST)

    Beautiful!!! ❤

  • Dawn Hood (Sunday, May 21 17 06:43 pm EDT)

    Your pictures are beautiful!

  • Elizabeth (Sunday, May 07 17 11:46 pm EDT)

    Your work is beautiful. The photos are so vivid.

  • Virginia McLaughlin (Sunday, March 19 17 04:21 pm EDT)

    Your photos are just fabulous!! I really love the one in the park.

  • Cindy May (Sunday, March 19 17 04:15 pm EDT)

    Beautiful work

  • Patty (Sunday, March 19 17 03:11 pm EDT)

    Love your work and you eye for detail. The pictures pop out at you like you could touch them.

  • Kay Newkirk (Sunday, March 19 17 02:20 pm EDT)

    Hi, Ms. Judi! It's been fun watching you grow over the years! Keep that photographers eye ever on the lookout for that next image!

  • Skip Heckel (Sunday, March 19 17 12:22 pm EDT)

    I really enjoy all of your photos. You are a true artist with the camera.

  • Steve Parsons (Sunday, March 19 17 09:12 am EDT)

    Hi Ms. J. Very nice photography page. It's been a pleasure to watch your photography skills grow over the years. You are a natural!

  • Judy Ochs Tyni (Monday, May 25 15 11:39 am EDT)

    I so love your photography Judi!

  • Shane Adams (Friday, October 17 14 11:49 pm EDT)

    Judi you have an unbelievably artistic eye!! Keep your passion going.

  • Pat Wilson (Tuesday, March 18 14 04:27 pm EDT)

    Fantastic photography! I also like your site - good job!

  • Marlene Williams (Friday, February 01 13 07:31 am EST)

    I love the greeting cards I ordered, better than store bought for sure...keep up the great work Ms. Judi

  • Cheryl Werner (Sunday, August 19 12 05:25 pm EDT)


  • Sue Cook (Thursday, January 19 12 12:43 pm EST)

    Beautiful photography!!!

  • Jennifer LaBre (Wednesday, January 18 12 11:30 am EST)

    You are awesome! :D

  • Paul Lord (Wednesday, January 18 12 01:24 am EST)

    I love your site. Thank you for inviting me to browse and sign your guest book. I always enjoy your pictures.

  • Peggy Bedwell (Wednesday, January 18 12 12:35 am EST)

    I love your photography its amazing! your eye on each subject is awesome and i love you !! and your work

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